Turn boring student projects into joyful hustles

Yoosh is a dead simple student project management tool. It brings notes, checklists, tasks & calendar - all of the essentials - directly in channels. With one simple tool for managing project, you can stop hassling and start hustling.

The Yoosh Manifesto

Student projects are a great opportunity to get valuable experience and have fun. Sadly, they suck way too often. A team lacks motivation, nobody knows what to do and when progress stagnates, irritated teammates just want the project to end. No learnings, no fun. That blows.

We want to help students do fun and fascinating stuff by making student project management dead simple. We believe that students should hustle, not hassle. Doing remarkable research, starting podcasts, and building startups, not complaining about essays. Studentship should bring joy. That's why we're building Yoosh.

Yoosh is a messenger with project management features. All basic things to progress in a project like chats, tasks, checklists, a calendar, and notes in one place.

It's simple but powerful. If you know how to use WhatsApp, you know how to use 85% of Yoosh. And once you start mastering the other 15%, we're sure you’ll feel a boost in your student productivity. But more importantly, you’ll turn boring student projects into joyful hustles.


Collaborate with other students

Keep your studies-related conversations in one place. Collaborate on group works, projects, host a local debate club or just keep in touch with your classmates.

Manage ideas with the ease of chatting

In Yoosh channels are not only for communicating. They’re also super handy for taking quick notes.

Organize actionable notes

Some notes need tracking. Having reading list as a checklist you’ll always know which books are read and which aren’t.
Soon 🏗

Always know what to do and when

Splitting projects into tasks lets you build a clear roadmap and stop jumbling. Collaborating on an essay? Create a task list and progress smoothly.
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Stay on track of your studies

Having many deadlines and meetings might be frustrating. Get them on calendar to stay on time.
Less hassle, better flow
Manage chats, tasks & quick notes in one app